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imthesword.com is the #1 online customer service platform dedicated to servicing customers with their online monthly subscriptions. If you need any assistance at all regarding your member benefits, your bill, tech support or even membership cancelations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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If you have any unanswered questions about what we can do for you, or account concerns, see below for our list of FAQ. For any other problems or support needs, please do not hesitate to contact us, 24/7, via imthesword.com E-Support.

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And for any other questions, or to speak directly to a imthesword.com Representative, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +1-855-923-1243 +44-808-501-5827.

What is your imthesword.com Service HQ?

The imthesword.com Service HQ is here to help customers like you with any questions, concerns or assistance related to your live monthly online subscriptions. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer questions and provide service for member benefits, billing inquiries, technical support as well as membership cancelations. Never hesitate to call a imthesword.com representative because we are always available for your convenience. imthesword.com always produces results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I expect monthly perks?

More often than not, your perks come monthly or bi-monthly. You will recieve an update upon logging into your subscription and you will also recieve emails detailing what to upcoming perks to look out for. These monthly perks are important to watch out for because they not only let you know about some great add-ons for your subscriptions, but you also get to experience everything your subscription has to offer. Get your money's worth and stay in the loop. Should you miss an incentive, inform one of our staff and they'll direct you to how keep your eyes and ears open for the next one.

I need help understanding all of these great member benefits!

Don't worry, you can speak to a imthesword.com rep directly through our email service: imthesword.com E-Serve. Or you can even reach us by phone: +1-855-923-1243 +44-808-501-5827.

I require more assistance with my account where should I go?

imthesword.com customer service representatives are trained to deal with all inquiries, you can reach them through our support portal at imthesword.com E-Support, or you may wish to email us at imthesword.com E-Serve, or even by phone at +1-855-923-1243 +44-808-501-5827.

I'm not tech savvy -- can I still use your services?

Don't worry; we have specialized staff who are trained to deal with those of you who consider themselves not to be masters of the computer or internet. imthesword.com tech representatives will walk you through anything you need help with with patience. imthesword.com is here to help with any troubleshooting you may have. We want to ensure you don't get stressed over not understanding some technical issue and we don't want you missing out on your full membership experience, so go ahead an get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you through any tech problems you may be having.

I'm having trouble logging in

This is a very common problem with a few simple solutions. First, ensure that your caps lock is not active on your keyboard. All passwords and usernames are case sensitive so you must ensure any punctuation or capitalization in your password or username is typed out properly. Also any keyboard modifications you've made that might include changes to language or any other alterations to the default function of the keyboard need to be changed in order to ensure you can log in properly. Often language settings or alternate functions for keyboards gauge different commands via different keys. Restoring the keyboards' factory settings will guarantee that the password/username will be input correctly. If you'd like more clarification feel free to contact a imthesword.com tech specialist at your earliest convenience.

Your access could also be inhibited by your browser's preferences. Browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox all make your web browsing experience easier by managing your history, saving your preferences, and creating an auto-fill function that makes frequent websites a more fluid viewing experience. But sometimes these browser preferences inhibit your attempts to log in to sites you might visit. We suggest you fix this problem by clearing your history, emptying your web cache of all files, erasing any saved preferences, clearing auto-fill forms and restoring the browser to its default settings. Then, restart your browser and try logging in again. Don't hesitate to contact a imthesword.com rep if you require more assistance.

What benefits come as a trial member?

To guarantee the best experience your trial membership gives you full subscription access! When you sign up for a trial you are instantly granted all the typical benefits that a member would receive -- and you'll recall that when you signed up for your subscription, via the trial service, you provided your credit card information and agreed to pre-authorized payments. Confer with your bank or credit card companies in relation to their pre-authorized payment policies to clarify the procedure. Do not hesitate to contact a imthesword.com rep at your earliest convenience should require any more clarification regarding your billing.

Why don't my video picks work?

Web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari have media player extensions that require weekly updates or patches that ensure a smooth viewing and streaming experience. These extensions include Flash Media Player, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player and many more. Download updates or patches for these players via the company websites or third party websites, download the necessary files, and activate your media player again with the said updates. Talk to imthesword.com customer service representative if you require more clarification.

Another reason might have to do with your internet service. 3G and LTE are ideal internet speeds for video streaming, especially with high definition video. Ensure that you have an internet connection or platform that can deal with high data volumes. You might also want to consider your internet service provider's peak times. Peak times make your browsing experience a total nightmare because of the high traffic rate. Try to avoid peak times to guarantee the best browsing experience. If you'd still like more answers, you are more than welcome to speak to a imthesword.com rep at your earliest convenience.